Rescue Electronics AM-2

I have recently took delivery of a Rescue Electronics AM-2 low pass filter. I saw this filter recommended by Mike Ladd (KD2KOG) on certain facebook group and me being one to try different things and a bit of an impulse buyer, decided to click the buy it now button. So what does the AM-2 do?…

The Listening Shack

My Shack…… hmmm can you really call it a shack? Compared to some shacks on the QRZ website it’s what I would describe as compact :). Just a small computer desk in the living room which measures barely 1m in width. The desk was originally used for my gaming pc which I still use but not so much for gaming these days.

Club Call Contest

I was setting up my RTL-SDR dongle to use the OpenWebRX software via the website, a very popular site for online SDR Receivers.

Whilst listening on 160m I stumble across a local station, G3YXM, participating in the annual club call contest.

Sounds like he had a long day with plenty of fun…………. 🙂

An attempt at decoding DRM

The joys of radio! There’s so many weird and wonderful sounds you can hear on the airwaves apart from voice transmissions including a vast amount of digital modes, one of these is DRM. DRM stands for Digital Radio Mondiale, a digital radio format that claims to deliver FM comparable sound quality on bands below 30MHz.…